KLIA Largest Airport Of The Year of 2014

15 Oct 2014 - Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) has been awarded the winner of 'Largest Airport of The Year'. Awarded by Sydney-based Centre For Asia Pacific Aviation (CAPA). This is good in pushing up Malaysia in Aviation industry. Since early this year, despite the aviation tragedy of MH370 and later MH17, air passanger movement in Malaysia grow steadily roughly around 19, making the KLIA managed by Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd as the fastest growing major airport in the Asia Pacific. It is true, KLIA is known spacious with inner tropical green garden, one huge level for everthing about ticketing, lower floor for international travel with its own aero train connecting the departure gates, and so on. The airport looks quite old school compared to KLIA2, but KLIA is unique still on its own premium way. Home of the aviation pride Malaysia Airlines.

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