Google Malaysia Office Sentral KL

Gugel aka Google Malaysia office in Quill 7, Sentral KL.

If you surpassed all four famous interview criteria such as leadership, role-related knowledge, how you think and googleyness then you also can work here. Google Malaysia office is probably the coolest office in Malaysia ever.

The logo right after the entrance resemble the Google Malaysia search page with batik logo. Rainforest glass panels, google trends big screen. Then it has mini amphitheater for customers and briefing among staff alike. The dark cave room to acknowledge the so many gua/ caves in Malaysia.

Cafe Google for staff and visitors. Recreation room that has random tyres ottoman and big upside-down chess board, there you can play 8-bit arcade or full blown high tech pc/ console next to it.

Then following the carpet, secret office room that no videos/ pictures allowed where everything about Google Malaysia happens in the business sense.

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