Malaysia MYTV HbbTV + DVB-T2

Malaysia is switching from analog TV to digital TV. In fact MYTV is testing. So what is it? What is MYTV?
MYTV is a free for all digital TV, using combine latest technology of Hyrid broadcast broadband TV (HbbTV) and Digital Video Broadcasting-Second Generation Terrestrial (DVB-T2);
1. Digital wave transmitted from selected digital antenna points (broadcasting towers)
2. UHF antenna to receive the digital broadcasting wave
3. Connected to MYTV/ HbbTV decoder
4. Then digital TV channels can be viewed on HDMI connected HDTV

 MYTV features/ services are channelled via;
1. DTT (TV channels and radios)
2. Broadband/ 4G/ LTE (connected services, T commerce, soft services)

MYTV is digital;
1. More channels with better TV experience eg: sharper, brighter, less interference, improved sound, uninterrupted by weather
2. Piggyback add-ons eg: subtitles, HDTV, EPD technology that allows for programme guides (channel schedules) and interactive TV (home shopping, e-banking, e-gov, basic internet)  

MYTV Project; The signal test phase already started, in stages, since April 2015 eg: Pekan, Kuantan and Kota Kinabalu. MYTV test phase is expected to be completed by the end of year 2015. By 2nd or 3rd quater of year 2016, analog TV transmission will be slowly shut-off and taken down (in two years), giving way to a new era of completely digital TV in Malaysia.

What now?
1. Either wait for free MYTV package (selected 2 million persons eg: BR1M handout receivers) or,
2. Buy your own MYTV (with HDMI cable, tv remote, indoor UHF antenna)/  HbbTV decoder
PS: UHF antenna and HDMI supported HDTV needed.

Short press video of RM2.5billion MYTV project, some available digital tv channels logo spotted, expected to be ready by 2016.

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