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Tested about a year already, Malaysia seems moving towards the final stage on the country's DTT (Digital Terrestrial Television) project spearheaded by the Ministry of Communications and Multimedia Malaysia (KKMM), supervised by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC). It is Malaysia initiative to provide the public with digital TV and radio broadcasting services, eliminates the outdated, limited and expensive wave of analog signals.

Managed by MYTV Broadcasting, branded as myFreeview, free (no monthly fees) digital channel in full High Definition (1080p HD) is already there, initially for..
  1. TV1 
  2. TV2 
  3. TVi 
  4. TV Alhijrah 
  5. TV3 
  6. NTV7 
  7. TV8 
  8. TV9 
  9. Bernama News Channel (BNC).
Advantage of myFreeview DTT over old analog or any other satellite TV broadcast provider.
  1. No weather effect
  2. Clearer / HD 
  3. Interactive
  4. Unlimited TV channels
  5. Free

How to watch HD channels broadcasted by myFreeview?
1. Standard TV Set + MYTV Decoder + UHF Aerial (Watch setup video)
  1. CONNECT DECODER AND TV: Brigde those red (Audio), white (Stereo), yellow (Video) wires known as RCA connectors, between MYTV Decoder and your TV, all ports at the back already color coded, just plug-in it all. Or if you have HDMI cable, use that one cable instead. 
  2. CONNECT DECODER AND AERIAL: UHF aerial only have one black wire, connect it to aerial (ANT IN) port at the back of MYTV decoder. 
  3. CONNECT DECODER AND POWER PLUG: Then connect the black AC Power plug from your home switch to the back Power port at the back of MYTV Decoder. 
  4. Switch on decoder, and there you go, all channel list will appear on your TV screen.
2. IDTV + UHF Aerial (Watch setup video)
  1. BUY IDTV: Buy any modern IDTV with "DTTV" sticker. Meaning those TV already have built-in decoder, readily able to scan and receive surrounding digital terrestrial broadcast when...
  2. CONNECT TO AERIAL: ...connected to any UHF Aerial
  3. Turn on your IDTV, switch to HDMI/ RCI mode, do autoscan for channels and watch. 

All myFreeview HD channels are now available to up to 80% of Malaysia's population. Technically, the digital terrestrial transmission services are now broadcasted nationwide through over 13 transmission towers. In the end of year 2018, up to 60 main transmission towers will be installed, with other 40 gap fillers, going to significantly increase DTT coverage to nearly 98% of Malaysia's population. With that advantage, government is projecting Malaysia to free broadcast about up to 90 DTT HD channels in year 2019.

MYTV Customer Service Center
  1. Tel: 1300-80-6988
  2. Email:
  3. Buy MYTV Decoder, click here.

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